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Fulfillment, Amazon FBA prep, warehousing and 3pl returns.
Our services
(Processing orders)
Preparation of goods for shipment to Amazon FBA, Marking: gluing FNSKU, forming bundles and sets
Amazon Prep Center
Guaranteed storage of goods in compliance with temperature conditions, incl. high-risk goods
Customs clearance of goods, registration of declarations and permits
Customs Broker Services
Collection of sets and bundles of different configurations, FNSKU marking

Bundle formation, sets and additional complete sets
Receipt, registration and storage of goods in the warehouse
How it Works?
Leave a request on the site and get a 10% discount on your first order
Our manager will contact you and clarify all the details and nuances
Contract signing
At a convenient time for you, specialists will conclude an agreement with you
Acceptance of goods
After you make sure that everything is done according to your wishes
HOW DO YOU differentiate my package from the rest?
Each client is assigned a unique number in our system. Upon receipt of each package, this number is present on each package.
What about privacy?
We enter into a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with each of our employees and clients to ensure that your ideas and purchases remain confidential.
What is the processing speed of goods?
Once we receive your goods in our warehouse, your goods will be processed and / or dispatched within 24 hours.
Do you work with clients if the volume of goods / parcels is not large?
We work with any seller, regardless of the volume of goods and the number of parcels.
Do you work with containers?
We do work with all types of containers.
Do you prefer new or experienced sellers?
We provide service to all our customers.
How can we contact you?
You can reach us thru email whatsapp telegram or fb messanfer.
Can you ship on pallets to FBA?
Do i need to pay a setup fee?
Do You Have Minimum Fee?
What makes you different than other FBA prep centers?
We are located in sales tax free state
No susbcription fee
No monthly fee
No hidden fee
Start working today!
Our contacts
Address: 1603 Jessup st Unit 5 Wilmington DE 19802, United States